Kuzu Doodles
i really like the way you draw toudou its so cuuuuUUUUUUTE!!!

cuter than toudou DESERVES

(thank you!!! i love how varied the faces are in yowapedal, it gives a great jumping-off point)

do you read kyle and atticus?

I think I did read it! That’s the one with the nonbinary kid who has some kind of alien creature friend, right?

ur art is so cute why doesnt it have a bajillion notes

thank you!

perhaps it is because i hate so many things

Your thoughts on Rise of the Guardians?

I don’t know anything about it, except there is maybe a scary Santa (which sounds good to me) and there’s Jack Frost who has a nice hoodie and a kind of disconcerting face and everyone ships him with the easter bunny(???) unless by everyone I actually mean tumblr user supey alone.

It seems to be pretty popular though so I might end up seeing it :|a

i think your blog needs more karkat

i agree

troll kuzu has UU's quirk wow

nooooooo it’s a giggle 

and also it’s the first letter in “sheep” and looks like a sheep face

he has a sheep theme


how many percent

May we have a link to your main blog?

Sorry, but no! There are more than 700 people following this blog who do not follow my other one, and my other one is already about a hundred followers over where I’d feel comfortable.

I might give you it if I knew you but obv since you’re anon I don’t…

why is it that some trolls you draw have tails while others dont?? is it preference or do you have some other reason? :o

Sometimes I forget to give them tails and sometimes I don’t feel like giving them tails! That is the whole reason.

My god, I love your artwork and it should get way more notes. ;A; I also love the concept of Agender Karkat- do you think you could draw trans*maleKat?

Ahh, thank you! 

Most of the Karkats in my humanstuck tag are trans*dudes (there’s at least one gf humankat in there/maybe more i don’t really keep track) but I’ll be honest I’m not sure that I would draw a trans*male troll Karkat  any differently than any other troll Karkat? esp. because I like to think they have a caste-based gender system rather than a body-based one.  I mean if you have a more specific request I’m willing to try (depending on what it is)? But something as general as that is a little hard to think about.